Wyrapa - Strategic Fencing for the allowance of Spelling

Ambathala Creek will be segregated from the rest of its’ current paddock to allow more strategic grazing in this area. This will be done through cost effective fencing which has been explored throughout other areas of the property.  Electric fencing will be used with three plain wires.  This has proven to be adequate for other internal fences throughout the rest of the property.

The paddock is on the western side of the creek and is currently around 4451 hectares.  This will be cut into two sections consisting of around 3000 ha and 1451 ha.  The 1451 ha paddock will then be separated by two segregating fences, which will allow movement of stock from one end of the creek to the other allowing for a more strategic rotational grazing system for the cattle. The completion of the project will need the construction of around 10km of fence. This project is building on the rest of the property as the owners have been selecting certain areas to fence and graze separately.

Project funding budget $10 000.00


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