Wallen - Water Spreading

 Water spreading involves creating low bunding rills that follow the contour of the ground. The water collects against the bunding and then fills into the borrow pit from which the dirt is taken to make the rill. The water is then delivered further on in a slower and even sheet. To select areas effected by previous overgrazing and erosion and turkey bush infestation. We aim to develop and improve an area of around 500 to 600ha. We will seek advice from the Manns family, "Dijoe" Bourke (Water Spreading Field day at Rangelands Conference 2010). We will utilise hand held lazer levels to maintain accuracy amongst rills for even water spreading. One of the project sites will be located in the North East corner of Wallen and the other in the middle of the place concentrating on the eastern side. Will hire machinery and construct project myself.  Total funds South West NRM is contributing to this water spreading project is $10,890.




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