Pest Management Plan Bulloo Shire

The Bulloo Shire like all areas has introduced pest plants and feral animals. The Bulloo Shire is fortunate with controllable infestations of weeds, however there is a possibility for this to change with large infestation of weeds in the upper catchments of the Bulloo and Cooper Creek river systems (outside the shire) threatening to move downstream. Increasing tourism and in particular the current drought situation have the potential to increase the likelihood of weed seed spread into the Shire.

As a result the management of pests has to be planned for maximum impact whilst using the least resources. This will mean controlling emerging problems and using continued vigilance against potential problems both inside and outside the Bulloo Shire boundaries.

It is hoped that the formulation of this plan will result in better utilisation of available resources and give ownership of the pest management process to the local council and the community. Thus the control of introduced pests may be returned to those the problem affects most.

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