Padabilla - Improving Pastures

The project contributes to the cost of using a Loader to push a bank across the inlet of an earth tank and prevent it from filling. The tank is on the boundary of “Paddabilla” and provides unmanaged water to feral cattle and native grazing animals. Andrew Gardiner has already shut down several dams on “Paddabilla” and the entire property is watered by a Bore and troughs, this allows water to be turned off as soon as stock are moved out of the paddocks.
The country around this tank is a seasonal wetland of about 494 hectares and is under constant grazing pressure from animals hanging on this tank and normally has low ground. This project will not only allow the area to be rested from feral animals but then allow for beneficial grazing pressure when stock are in the paddock (size 1050 hectares) and rested for the rest of the year.
The project its self is small, while the outcomes will be big! The Project budget is $1100 (Incl. GST).


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