This 2002 document by Andrea Bull is a final report on the best methods for managing native shrubs of South West Queensland that have become pests. It looks at common methods of removal, common species of South West Queensland, and identifies the most efficient methods of...
EPS is an initiative under Blueprint for the Bush
All local councils in Australia, irrespective of their size or location, can make a significant contribution to the conservation of native vegetation. However, because of the differences in their the size and location, the most effective way in which any individual local council...
A guide to the sourcing, storing and sowing of Mitchell Grass seed in Western Queensland, written by Jenny Silcock.
A guide to common grasses of central Australia, written by Mandy Bowman, Daryl King, Simon Reu & Rohan Fisher.
This document is a copy of a thesis submitted for the award of Doctor of Philosophy to the University of Queensland from the Gatton Campus. It explores the methods of using carbon isotope techniques to monitor the present vegetation and to detail historical vegetation change,...
This is an estimate of the impacts of thickening vegetation upon the woodland stocking rates of the Murweh shire, provided by Graham Kenny and Dr Ian Beale for the Productivity Commission.
This booklet is a guide to gardening in an environmentally sustainable fashion in the regions of Western Queensland, funded by the Department of Natural Resources Forest Extension Group and compiled by Merv Lyman and the staff of DPI and DNR Western Region. This is the 1996...
A copy of an article from the Queensland Journal of Agricultural and Animal Sciences, Vol 22, 1965, on trees and soil nutrients of southwest Qld, written by J.P. Ebersohn and P. Lucas.
This is a brochure by the National Rangelands Program detailing the life and times of perennial grasses.
This is a February 2004 report to the productivity commission on the thickening of trees and shrubs in the Murweh shire, written by Dr. Ian Beale.
An article written by Andrew Sippel on Oldman Saltbush.

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