Gumahah - High intensity goat grazing

The “Gumahah” project will fund fencing material to set up paddocks to allow Rick Gardiner, South West NRM and the Learning Group to investigate the effects of planned grazing in the Mulga lands.  The project will set up 5 paddocks with fencing suitable to hold goats.  Paddocks will be approx. 68ha, 91 ha, 30 ha, 69 ha, and 16 ha.  There is some fencing existing and some that needs only upgrading and the rest will be new fencing.  Two paddocks have bore drains; two paddocks will have new troughs.

The second part of the project may include fire, mechanical or other methods aimed at improving pastures, but these activities will be based on weather and money availability at the time.

South West NRM will fund $25,000 towards the cost of the project in 2010/2011, with all other costs funded by cash and in-kind contributions from Rick Gardiner.




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