"Woolly Paddock" has been divided in two separate sections through the construction of a fence which the owners of Amaroo have constructed through their own funds.  This will allow the country to regenerate and increase ground cover. This area has been identified as some of the worst country for not regenerating after periods with little rainfall.  The owners Rick and Jenny Keogh, want to regenerate the country in Woolly Paddock through re-invigorating pastures. They will do this through scattering  Mitchell Grass hay and (locally sourced) grass seed throughout the project area.  The bulk of the hay will be providing protection from weather conditions and input organic matter and seed into the soil.  The seed will germinate and allow faster cover of the ground to occur.  This project area will be grazed sparingly and in a rotation for as long as the property is being managed by the current owners.  This will help with groundcover management and soil retention.  These activities will be consistant with many other activities which the owners have implemented throughout the property.  Following this proposed activity monitoring of the plant diversity will take place to assess the production and environmental benefits. 



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