Ward River Plan of Management

The Ward River Waterhole Reserve Plan of Management is now available (link below).

Ward River Waterhole Reserve is a dedicated fishing and camping public recreation reserve on Crown land for which Murweh Shire Council has been appointed Trustee. It is a highly valued recreational space for the Charleville community and visitors, providing a place to enjoy nature. The Waterhole is a critical drought refuge habitat and areas within the Reserve have high visitor use.

The Plan of Management aims to manage visitor impacts, while ensuring there is a healthy riparian (stream bank) area, reduced sedimentation and improved water quality leading to a healthy aquatic ecosystem. This is the first time a plan of management has been drafted to guide management actions for this valuable community asset.

What is a plan of management?

The plan is a management tool directed towards the sustainable management of public lands. Management actions within the plan will help guide the conservation of biodiversity, rehabilitation of landscapes and the protection of natural and cultural heritage. The plan details management actions to protect sensitive sites and address issues of concern.

South West NRM has prepared the plan in consultation with stakeholders and the community through funding provided by the Queensland Government Natural Resource Management Investment Program.