Storytelling Competition: “Rack off Rabbits!”

South West NRM is excited to present this year’s Storytelling Competition: “Rack off Rabbits!

Each year we proudly sponsor this event as part of the Charleville Performing Arts Festival, which will be held this year on 24th-26th August 2017.

The goal of this competition is to use traditional story writing and storytelling to highlight the way in which our eco-systems are degraded by releasing domestic animals and plants into the wild; either deliberately, or by accident.  Storytelling provides a unique medium for learning, and helps people of all ages to increase their understanding about environmental issues affecting property owners and land managers across the South West region. 

This year’s topic is “Rack off rabbits!”, focusing on raising community awareness about the damaging effects of European rabbits in our rural environments. Currently, this topic is particularly relevant, as earlier this year a rabbit biocontrol agent (RHDV1 K5) was released across Australia to help address the threats rabbits pose to our landscapes.

Insert link to article about Rabbit Virus Release – March 2017 3R3C Newsletter:

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Participants can choose to nominate in either a live or pre-recorded section in their age category: they must present a story orally to the audience, in storytelling genre, and submit their story script to the judging panel (which can also be illustrated).

Fantastic prizes are up for grabs in each age category: Prep-Yr 3, Yr 4-6, Yr 7-9, Yr 10-12, and Adult. First prize for live performances is $200 CASH, first prize for pre-recorded performances is $150 CASH, with 2nd and 3rd prizes in local business vouchers for both sections.

Please email for more information. Visit the Charleville Performing Arts Festival website to download a nomination form, or to find out further details about the Festival.


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